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Digitizing done in various formats, depending on your needs and machine type.

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What we'll need from you :

1) A design image

   - The better the image, the better the results. In a case where images require additional editing before digitizing a team member will reach out, and guide you through any additional steps.

2) A design size & Placement

    - A desired design size is always helpful to us, this also means you don't have to spend time resizing your design, we can do that during our digitizing process. If you don't know what size you want, that is perfectly fine, step three will explain in more detail how that can be addressed. In the event you aren't sure you can always use "standard" for sizing, and we will size it for you based on your garment type, and placement.

3) A Garment Type

   - Specifying a garment type such as  cap, polo shirt, or backpack is essential for us to determine the correct settings for your design. We will customize elements such as density, stitch patterns, and sequences based upon this information. Additionally if you aren't sure of your desired size, and simply have listed "standard" we have a standard sizing guideline we will adhere to for particular garments.

4) A Garment Color

   - This will help us determine the proper use of negative spaces, and correctly increase or decrease density for specific thread colors.

 5) File Types

   - Depending the type of machine you are operating, you may require different files, and we understand. We can export in various formats as requested. In the event your requested file type isn't supported by us, a universal .dst file is always available.

Once you have all of your information, and have submitted your order via our online order form, we will begin the digitizing process. Upon completion you will receive a 3D rendering of your design, along with an attached invoice. Payment of the invoice will act as your approval, and the files will then be emailed over.

In the event that you are unable to submit your file via our online form, you can always email your files directly to :

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